What our Clients, Community Leaders, and Colleagues say!

I am deaf, blind, and can read only braille. When an agency insisted that I read print, Ann worked with them, so that they could understand how to accommodate me and what the law required them to do. It was a good experience for everyone. Ann is a compassionate and passionate civil rights attorney, and I recommend her highly.
Wylene Hinkle San Diego, California
Ann has been such an inspiration for those of us who otherwise feel voiceless. She has fought diligently for the rights of the disabled, disenfranchised, and the unhoused. Though our battle has been long, she never waivers in her commitment to her clients and her community. She has served me and the others in our class of unhoused people who shelter in our vehicles with compassion and dedication. Thank you, Ann, for all you do.
Penny Helms San Diego, California
Nobody is more fierce or smarter for their clients than Ann. I’m proud to be her colleague and friend.
Scott Dreher the Dreher Law Firm

It is hard to describe Ann Menasche in just a few words.She gives to being an attorney, a passion for helping others, and an extraordinary talent and expertise to do what will truly make a difference in our lives.

Facing discrimination, harassment and hostility towards me and Bashert, my service dog, Ann stepped in. When the management of my senior apartment was not doing enough to solve the problem, Ann went into over-drive to get our lives free of these stresses.

She is a great communicator. With every step, she let me know that I mattered and so did my quality of life.

Whenever you have a problem to solve, Ann Menasche is a GIFT!!

and thank you!

Ina Cowan